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Choose a Professional Service Provider for ODC Transportation in India

Do you know the meaning of ODC transportation in India? ODC stands for over-dimensional cargo, which is added outside the deck of a vehicle to shift over-sized goods. If the loading platform of a vehicle is 20 feet and it requires loading 22 feet TMT bars, then ODC trailer is added to the vehicle. On the other hand, 22 feet TMT bars are loaded in a 22 feet truck, and then it is considered as Normal cargo.

The height and length of this cargo are bigger than standard vehicles. They are specifically designed for containers that can shift heavyweight goods from one place to another. These cargos are required both in commercial and domestic sectors. Whether you are shifting to a new place or you need to transport over-sized equipment for business purposes, this ODC transport can serve your purpose the best way. These vehicles are equipped with modern devices and thus capable of carrying heavyweight materials over long distances.

Have you ever heard the term ODC? Well, the term ODC implies over dimensional cargo that indicates many other terms as well such as out of gauge cargo, over height cargo, heavy haulage etc. shifting or transporting such types of heavyweight goods from one place to another is truly a challenging task to a Transport company and thus, you need to make sure that the company you hire as your logistics partner should be a professional service provider and has many years of hands-on experience in this field. Remember, only a professional service provider can accomplish such types of assignments with accuracy and better control.

What is ODC Transportation in India?

Goods that have more than 40ft length and width is 8 ft are regarded over dimensional cargos. These types of goods are either excessive heavy in weight or lengthy in height. Mostly the oversize machinery items come under this category of cargo and thus, shifting such goods need efficiency and skill in this field. not all companies can provide such types of services and thus, you need to make the selection very carefully. The company you choose for such types of project cargo logistics should be a renowned organization who can assure you the safest transportation of goods within the deadline.

What are the Major Aspects of ODC Transportation?

Well, ODC transportation in India has some major aspects that should be considered by all business entrepreneurs. Due to the bad condition of India roads, heavy transport in India is a difficult task and only an experienced cargo Transport company can handle such types of assignments skillfully. In recent days, the cargo industry is flooded with a huge number of Transport companies making it difficult for customers to choose the right service provider as per their requirements. Almost all Transport companies claim to offer the best service but among them, only a few are capable of offering so and thus, you need to make the selection very carefully.

But, now the question is how you can find out the right service provider. Well, you have a solution now. Just go through this blog and you will get to know some helpful tips that guide you in this path. For choosing the right transporter of heavy machinery in India, you need to abide by a few principles such as –

Must be an Experienced cargo Transport Company

When you are looking for a transporter for heavy goods, make sure the company you select must have many years of hands-on experience in this field. Only a professional service provider with experience can better transport such heavy goods in different parts of the country. EasyWay Logistics, a leading cargo Transport company holds many years of experience in this field and this has made them ODC transportation service provider in India.

Must have a Global Clientele Base

The cargo company you choose for over height consignment transportation or heavy material shifting service, make sure it has a huge clientele base across the nation. Now, you must be thinking what its relation with heavy material shifting service. Well, this indicates that the company is a reliable service provider and has satisfied clients across the nation who have earlier hired their services and were satisfied with their work. EasyWay Logistics stands high in this respect. Backed by more than 20 years of experience in this field, we have successfully created a huge clientele base across the nation. till now, we have completed more than thousands of cargo projects and our esteemed clients are very much satisfied with our services.

Must Provide on-time Delivery Service

When you are looking for the best transporter in India, makes sure it offers on-time delivery of goods. It is one of the most important features that denotes professionalism of a company. In the cargo industry, timely delivery of goods is an important factor. This not only helps to run a business in a seamless manner but also keep its customers’ happy by fulfilling their requirements at the right time. EasyWay Logistics, being a professional cargo Transport company in India assures on-time delivery of goods in any part of the country and even in the hostile environment. We have an efficient team of professionals who hold in-depth knowledge and experience in handling heavy overweight consignment transportation and thus, hiring us, you will get the peace of mind that your goods will be shipped within the deadline without causing any major issue.

Must Provide real-time Tracking Facility

This is an advanced tracking system which has been introduced in recent days. With this tracking tool, customers can easily locate the place of their shipment and its expected delivery time. This tool has been implemented to offer a helping hand to customers. Most of the professional cargo companies offer this real-time tracking facility to its customers and EasyWay Logistics is also not an exception in this case. Being a leading professional Transport company in India, we offer real-time tracking facility to our customers through which they can easily track the location of their shipment sitting at home and without making frequent calls to the customer service department.

Must be Competent to Handle any type of ODC Cargo Assignment

The cargo company you choose as your logistics partner must be competent to handle any kind of cargo assignment. This shows the proficiency of the company. Whether you require heavy machinery goods transportation or port transportation facilities, the company should be capable enough of handling any type of cargo assignment. EasyWay Logistics has both skill and competency to handle any type of cargo assignment with accuracy and better control. We have an expert team of professionals who are competent to carry out any type of cargo project with superior control and efficiency. This creates a sense of trust in the minds of the customers that their goods are in the safest hands and their project will get accomplish within the deadline.

Must be a Customized vehicle service provider

The cargo company you choose as your service provider must have a wide number of vehicle options to cater to the varied requirements of the customers. Customized vehicle solution is highly required as different assignments may have different requirements and to accomplish them in a proper manner, a customized solution is required. EasyWay Logistics, being the leading cargo Transport company in India offers a wide range of vehicles to cater to the varied requirements of the customers. At EasyWay Logistics, we believe that every assignment has its own requirements and thereby we aim at offering specific solutions to our customers so they can avail the best service from us.

Therefore, these are the qualities or features that a professional cargo Transport company must have. While choosing your logistics partner, make it has all these features and capable enough of offering the service as per your requirements. EasyWay Logistics stands high on all these features and that’s why we proudly acclaim us as one of the leading cargo Transport companies in India. we have a team of professional workers who hold many years of experience and knowledge in this field. Our professionals aim at empowering themselves with modern knowledge and techniques so we can cope up with the modern trends and offer the service they desire.

At EasyWay Logistics, we offer a range of ODC transportation services which include –

  • Heavy ODC transportation
  • Heavy lift transportation
  • Heavy lengthy tanks and machinery part transportation
  • Low bed trailer transport
  • High bed trailer transport
  • Flatbed trailer transport
  • Semi-low bed trailer transport
  • Hydraulic Modular Multi axle trailer transport
  • Dedicated mechanical trolleys
  • SPMT for Oversize load heavy haulage ODC-OOG
  • Heavy haulage road transportation in India
  • Big highway tractors & Prime Movers
  • Heavy goods transportation

These are the services that one can avail from us. Being the top 3rd project cargo company in India, we always keep our rates competitive for our customers so that all small and medium business houses can easily avail our services without burning a hole in their pockets. Whether you need hydraulic excel trailer service or heavy goods shifting service, we have everything in our possession to cater to the varied requirements of customers.

Why Choose Us?

With our profound experience and expertise in this sector, we are capable of offering a wide range

ODC transportation services to our customers. Our services are highly demanded by construction and automotive industries for transporting heavyweight vehicles and pieces of machinery like bulldozers, cranes and heavy machines. Our workers are highly trained to carry out over dimensional cargos easily.

At EasyWay Logistics, we offer free quote option to our customers through our online

website. In today’s age, most of the professional companies offer this service in order to offer convenience to customers. through this option, they can easily analyze the approximate cost of the shipment without including any hidden charges. This free quote option has made this task much easier for customers as they get to know everything before handing over the assignment.

Therefore, choosing the right cargo Transport company is truly a difficult task to perform. But if you face the right steps, you surely get success. Most of the customers give priority to the price. But, this should not be the only factor for choosing a professional service provider because you cannot compromise with the quality of service. Therefore, while you are looking for a professional ODC transportation in India, always give emphasis on two factors – experience and professionalism and EasyWay Logistics stands high on these two factors.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today. We will be happy to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ About oversize ODC heavy haulage Road transportation industry ODC Transportation India :-

Question :– What is ODC full form in Transportation Business & Logistic trade in India ?

Answer :- Oversize Load Over Dimensional Consignment

Question :- what name is ODC Cargo transportation known in international trade?

Answer :- OOG Cargo Shipment Out of Gauge, Heavy Haulage Over Dimensional Cargo Consignment Oversize Load

Question:- What is ODC transport meaning in Normal(general) language ?
Answer :- A difficult inconsequential task that had to do all kinds of extraordinary efforts and hard work to achieve it.

Question:- ODC goods types ?
Answer :- in India, Lengthy ODC, Highted Consignemt, Out of gauge cargo shipment, Oversize Load, Heavy Haulage.

Question:- ODC cargo dimensions ?
Answer :- Whose length is more than 20 feet (Lengthy ODC), Whose Width is more than 7 feet (Out Of Gauge ODC) ,
Whose Height is more than 7 feet (Highted Oversize load ODC)

Question:- ODC Oversize load vehicle meaning ?
Answer :- A capable strong vehicle capable of going everywhere in every equidistant geographical situation. He is called ODC Cargo Transportation Vehicle. They have a great lack in India because the traders here are not able to pay the fare of these trailers (ODC Cargo Vehicles). Or they do not want to give importance to its importance. Due to which the evidence of accident in India has increased considerably.

Question:- What is route survey in ODC transportation (Heavy Haulage Over Dimensional Cargo Consignment Oversize Load ) ?
Answer :- A route survey is an small inspection or approximate test that identifies blockers obstructions for Heavy haulage oversize load ODC Cargo Delivers by surface road transportation to the desired location.

Question:- What is it mandatory to do a route survey? in O.D.C. Transportation and Milk route transportation movement ?
Answer :- Till date, any single route survey not has been accurate and successful in India. It only contributes 20% in reducing Heavy Haulage Over Dimensional Cargo Consignment Oversize Load transportation time. Nevertheless the act of doing and getting it done and the appropriate decision is in conclusive situations.

Question:- What is Root Survey Cost in India ?
Answer :- we charge Rs 2 lakh for a 1st 500 km route survey? For the next 500 kilometers, we charge 100 rupees per kilometer. For a survey of more than 1000 kilometers, our payment doubles.

Question:- How and how much are the chances of the accuracy of the route survey?
Answer :- India is a nation divided into 36 sections. And looking at the current activities, there is a possibility to distribute it further. The leaders of the states consider themselves the king of there. And make changes every time to suit your needs. Interestingly, it is also not permanent in India, elections are held all the time and they keep changing. And the new person who comes starts his dictatorship from the beginning. This action has unpredictable ill effects on the business and geographical circulation. Which affects the root survey.

Question:- What permission does ODC transportation take? ?
Answer :- RTO, NHAI, PWD, Electric Board, Forest, Indian Railway, State & Central Government, Police, Defense
(After all, prominently the most expensive expenditure of CHAI-PANI in almost places.)

Question:- What permission does ODC transportation take? ?
Answer :- Due to geographical and governmental variations, the paperwork done in the transfer of goods in various provinces is known as ODC Transportation Permission.

Question:- ODC Transportation Permission Types ?
Answer :- RTO, NHAI, PWD, Electric Board, Forest, Indian Railway, State & Central Government, Police, Defense
(After all, prominently the most expensive expenditure of CHAI-PANI in almost places.)

Question:- ODC permission cost ?
Answer :- Due to geographical and governmental variations, the cost of paperwork and ODC transportation permits & Permission for transfer of goods in different provinces varies.but call for more ….

Question:- How to find best ODC Transporter for Indo Saarc Transportation ?
Answer  :- If you answer this yourself then it is good. If we need help, click the question.

Question:-How are vehicle drivers employed in Heavy Haulage Over Dimensional Cargo Consignment Oversize Load transportation?
Answer  :- The status of drivers in India has always been pathetic. We have tried to improve it.

Question:- What is the Indian vehicle capable of performing the specific tasks required? ( specially ODC Transportation )
Answer  :-  Given the low quality and fail braking systems, it is not wise to rely on Indian vehicles.

ODC transportation
odc cargo full form indian transportation industry
Over Dimensional Consignment

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