Customs Clearance6 Useful Tips to Facilitate Customs Clearance when Sending Goods Abroad

June 20, 2019by Bhupathi0

6 useful tips to facilitate customs clearance when sending goods abroad

Customs clearance is the process whereby your shipment’s value is assessed for duty and tax and it is also checked to make sure it conforms to all local rules for accepting goods into the country you’re sending it.

Standing within the means of your cargo having a swish ride area unit customs officers, and that they have the ability to ruin your day if you don’t prepare the products appropriately, or provide the necessary information they need!

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Here’s a quick guide to ensure both you and the recipients of your goods have a good experience.


Top of the tree, find a reliable and hands-on international logistics company that will treat you like a valued customer and is prepared to advise on shipping, packing, paperwork, and customs matters. Please make sure they have a dedicated customer service team!


Be sure to arrange all the required declarations specific for the country that your merchandise area unit destined for. If you’re not sure check with your shipping company, don’t wait until your shipment is held up in customs to find out you’re missing something vital or you’ve filled something out incorrectly.

Paperwork can include transport documents, commercial invoices, pro-forma invoices, documentary proof of origin, customs value declarations etc. Here’s a useful link –


Are you primarily based within the EU and mercantilism product with countries outside the EU? If you’re not already EORI registered you will ought to be so as to forestall customs delays and charges. Here’s a useful link for more information –

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Always remember that the person in customs neither understands your business nor your particular sector terminology. They will have a set of criteria that your goods have to pass before it is released and if they can’t identify what your items are then they’re not going anywhere. It’s advisable to provide the following minimum information:

  1. Full description of the contents
  2. Commodity codes/ Harmonized numbers. This code permits Customs officers to quickly and accurately establish precisely what your merchandise area unitand the way a lot of they ought to be charging in terms of native duties and taxes. Here’s a useful link to find yours –
  3. What it’s made from
  4. Its use and function
  5. How it’s packaged
  6. Are there any electronics or batteries included? If so tell them and the shipping company


Customs officials will look at the packaging and assess if its rigid enough for the journey and if it’s got all the right markings on it from hazardous, to heat treated wood for certain countries. Get advice from your shipper.


Throughout all of this you need to have a shipping company that holds it all together and can keep you in the picture throughout the full journey of your, shipment and if it should get caught in customs for any reason, you need to be sure that someone is able to get you answers and to facilitate it through. Make sure that you are being supported.

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Easyway Logistics Company brochure

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